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An experiential Japanese concept 

Sake a Go Go

Coming Summer 2024

Sake A Go Go is a 6,000-square-foot Japanese restaurant taking inspiration from Whisky a Go Go, a nightclub on the Sunset Strip of Los Angeles. The eatery will have a full bar and offer the most extensive variety of Sake in Kentucky. The restaurant boasts 200 seats, and four dining rooms. The space includes an eight-person private omakase room, a sushi bar run by three sushi chefs and a 16-seat sake and Japanese bourbon bar, the centerpiece of which showcases an intricately hand-carved 6-foot stone Buddha. Bellé Noble Entertainment Group, LLC has appointed Executive Chef Bryan Emperor for its forthcoming Japanese-inspired restaurant, set to open in 2024. With over twenty five years of culinary experience, Chef Emperor's journey began with a passion for washoku during his undergraduate years, leading him to transition from finance to culinary arts. He honed his skills through rigorous training in Tokyo, New York City, and Beijing, learning to perfectly blend Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Chef Emperor has garnered countless accolades for perfecting his craft, including a third-place finish in the Eat-Japan Sushi Awards 2008, followed by an apprenticeship under Chef Yoshihiro Murata in Kyoto.

sake dishes.png

Preliminary Dishes

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