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About Kevin Grangier


A Louisville-area native, Kevin Grangier began his career locally in the marketing and communication world before relocating to Los Angeles to start his brand marketing communication firm Carry On Communication, Inc.  Over the course of 12 years, operating the award-winning firm with offices in LA, NY, DC and Chicago, Kevin and his team built a family of communication companies to encompass a network of branding, public relations and marketing entities and services that scaled the largest and most significant markets across the U.S.  Named the Number One Boutique Agency in the country by industry analyst Paul Holmes and The Holmes Report, and twice recognized as The Best Agency to Work For in the U.S., together, these businesses provided a fully integrated approach that addressed the many challenges a company encounters in the business and brand development process.  


Building on his agency background with clients like ESPN, the NHL, Yahoo!, Razer Scooters, New Balance, Coors Brewing Co., Pfizer, AstraZeneca, IHOP, Mimi’s Café, Clorox and the California Milk Processor’s Board’s GOT MILK?, among dozens of others, in 2010 Grangier developed his first eatery, The Village Anchor Pub & Roost, an eclectic and fashionable European “bistro-pub” designed to fuel the dining experience with a variety of unique brand-focused nuances.  A 260-seat eatery in Anchorage, Ky., the restaurant and its sister pub The Sea Hag became immediate favorites given their high style, eclectic home-spun menus and unconventional approach to marketing.  As a result, Grangier, in his first six months operating his first restaurant, was named “Restaurateur of the Year” by The Kentucky Restaurant Association in 2010.   Le Moo Fine Steak House and the Kevin’s PICNIC brands soon followed with equal immediate success. 


Grangier currently serves as Founder, President & CEO of Belle Noble Entertainment Group, LLC, a restaurant and bar holding company located in Louisville, Kentucky.   He continues to participate in brand consulting assignments and serves on a variety of for- and non-profit boards and committees.

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