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Belle Noble Entertainment Group is a Louisville-based restaurant holding company which owns and operates a variety of experiential food and beverage brands including Le Moo Steak House, The Village Anchor, The Sea Hag Pub, Kevin’s PICNIC and PICNIC Office Catering.  The privately held company was Founded in 2010 by marketing and communication agency veteran and consumer product branding expert Kevin Grangier.  The company’s high-volume brands have been, since their beginnings, noted as the best in the region, referencing Grangier’s focus on experience and attention to detail and quality.  Belle Noble’s most recent addition, Le Moo Steak House, was recently named a Top 25 steak restaurant in the nation by steak enthusiasts and the Food Network.  

Belle Noble Entertainment Group, LLC
904 Lily Creek Rd., Suite 201
Louisville, KY 40243
Contact:  Kevin.Grangier@BelleNoble.com

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Belle Noble Entertainment Group

904 Lily Creek Rd., Suite 201, Louisville, KY 40243

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